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December 20, 2010

Pacific Daily News

NEWS UPDATE: Legislature to hold session tomorrow

The 30th Guam Legislature will hold its final session beginning tomorrow, according to a press release sent by Sen. Rory J. Respicio, chairperson of the Committee on Rules.

Session begins at 9 a.m. in the Speaker Antonio R. Unpingco Legislative Session Hall.

The following bills will be discussed:

• Bill 149: An act to add a new Chapter 44 to Title 10 Guam Code Annotated relative to the "Guam Beverage Container Recycling Deposit Act" and to establish a Beverage Container Recycling Deposit Fund separate and apart from all other funds within the Government of Guam, and to require the confirmation of the voluntary cooperation of military commands with the Guam Beverage Container Recycling Program prior to assessment and collection of any beverage container deposit fees; to add new §76220 to Chapter 76 Article 2 of Title 11 Guam Code Annotated, relative to endorsement of beverage container recycling redemption centers; and to state the effective dates of certain Subsections of Section 2 of this Act.



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