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December 31, 2010

Pacific Daily News

15 new laws include recycling legislation

Gov. Felix Camacho signed into law 15 bills that were passed this month by the 30th Guam Legislature.

The legislation includes rezoning measures, a law that will allow government retirees to receive retirement benefits while working for the government of Guam, and a law that will create a bottle recycling program on Guam.

Also known as the Guam Beverage Container Recycling Act, Public Law 30-221 establishes a container recycling program under the Guam Environmental Protection Agency.

The program will add a minimum deposit fee of 5 cents on beverage containers sold on Guam, and establish redemption centers where consumers can return empty beverage containers and receive payment for the refund value. Funds from the deposit fees will be used to reimburse redemption centers for the amounts paid to redeemers, and to cover administrative expenses related to the law. Funds also will be used to conduct recycling education and promotion activities.

The governor also signed Bill 498, which will allow the governor to appoint certain retirees to positions with the government of Guam, while still drawing retirement benefits.

The laws signed didn't include all those passed by the 30th Guam Legislature during its late-night session on Dec. 22.

Bill 492, which would have authorized the government of Guam to use unclaimed GovGuam Cost of Living Allowance funds to pay off the balance owed to living claimants of the COLA settlement, was not signed.

The funds have been reserved for 383 unpaid GovGuam retirees who may have died before the money became available. Introduced by Sen. Ben Pangelinan, the bill would transfer $3 million of a $4.2 million balance from a bond floated to pay for COLA settlement payments.


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