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July 19, 2010

Pacific News Center

New Bill Would Place Refundable Deposits On Recyclable Beverage Containers

Guam - A bill if passed into law,  could potentially help reduce the amount of aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottle in the Guam's landfill.

Senator Tina Muna Barnes, the author bill 149 says this recycling bill would place a five cent deposit on all beverage containers. Once a container is emptied, the customer will bring it  to a redemption center where they will be able to get their money back. Muna Barnes says it will turn our trash into cash and it will help keep Guam green.

Barnes says, "Right now as the bill states, the department over seeing this program will be the Guam Environment Protection Agency. GEPA will work closely with the department of revenue and taxation to work out the rules and regulations and the task forces and the committees that would be engaged. There have been recommendations to add another agency to work closely with them. "

Barnes feels it's important to move this program forward and turn it into a public law. She says, "We need to keep up with the surrounding islands. Palau already has it. Close countries like Austrailia and New Zealand and most of the islands in the pacific they all have the bottle bill we need to jump on the band wagon and work like them."

Barnes hopes this is the first step, she would also like to see a Government operated recycling center that could generate money for Guam.


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