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January 11th, 2011

NT News

Time to can our litterbugs

EVERYBODY who cares about the Northern Territory would have been horrified by the story about two women picking up more than 32,000 empty beer cans in seven months along the Katherine River.

Talk about the NT drowning in a sea of grog; we're suffocating under a blanket of garbage.

The Territory is a relatively pristine place. Most Territorians are conscious of that - indeed, it is one of the great attractions of the north - and want to keep it that way. But a minority still seem to think that it's acceptable to throw their garbage wherever they please. What to do?

People caught littering should be fined heavily. And community-minded Territorians might want to have a few words with anybody they see throwing rubbish anywhere but in a bin. The NT Government's new container deposit scheme should encourage people to cash in, rather than throw away, their cans and bottles.

But fines, public admonishment and incentives are not likely to change the ways of itinerants, who are mainly responsible for soiling our parks, river banks and coastal reserves.

They are usually so far gone on the grog that they can't seen reason.

So, it will be left to the likes of Jenny Duggan and Diane Jennsion in Katherine and Rubbish Warrior Trevor Jenkins in Darwin to clean up afterthe thoughtless.

Yet again, the majority suffers for the minority.

... and another thing

THE fact that traditional owners had a prohibition on weddings at The Rock makes a person wonder if they're actively working to put off tourists coming to the Territory.

It seems nothing more than a weird and pointless bureaucratic rule.


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