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January 25, 2011

Northern Territory Government

Lies, Litter and Landfill:
Cash for Containers Scare Campaign Wasted on Territorians

Chief Minister Paul Henderson has called on the beverage industry to support the wishes of Territorians and halt their misleading campaign against Cash for Containers legislation (CFC).

“The beverage industry should stop wasting its money on deceptive advertising and support this crucial environmental legislation which has the broad support of the community, councils, environment groups and the recycling industry,” Mr Henderson said.

“Territorians deserve the cleaner environment and green jobs that this scheme will produce and the NT Government will not be dissuaded from its roll-out by vested interests.

“Beverage prices have not increased in South Australia under Cash for Containers – there is no reason why they will in the Territory.”

Environment Minister Karl Hampton said business and community groups were excited about Cash for Containers, and that the campaign’s arguments against the scheme were both false and contradictory.

“For 35 years South Australians have recycled billions of containers under CFC while the beverage industry recycled tired old arguments.”

“If the beverage industry are good corporate citizens with a better recycling alternative, why have they failed to introduce it in the last 3 decades?

“Territorians know a con job when they see one, and deserve better than a campaign of false claims including:

Cash for Containers is a government tax

The cash for containers scheme is NOT a tax; it will be administered by the beverage industry, as it has been successfully in South Australia for 35 years.

Cash for Containers will mean extra costs to consumers.                                                                                

In South Australia there is no appreciable difference in the price of drinks, however more than 70% of their containers are recycled.

Cash for Containers will spell the end of kerbside recycling, which is a better recycling solution.   

South Australia has both Cash for Containers and successful kerbside collection – they are complementary.

Kerbside recycling targets “at home” consumption” and serves less than 50% of Territorians, which is why only 10% of beverage containers are recycled in the NT.

Cash for Containers will work alongside councils and Kerbside recycling to bring our recycling rate up to 70%

Cash for Containers will financially impact and inconvenience working families                                              

The NT Government expects the beverage industry to treat their Territory consumers fairly as they do in SA and not use Cash for Containers as an opportunity to price gouge. Cash for Containers provides important fundraising opportunities for kids and community organisations while creating small business opportunities; it is supported by families and has created an annual $100m recycling industry in South Australia.”

“Territorians support Cash for Containers and want to do their part to keep their environment clean; the 10c incentive offered will help change the consumption habits of all Territorians, while putting money in the pockets of our kids and community organisations.” Mr Henderson said.

“I call on the CLP to resist the influence of vested interests and pledge their support for this legislation which is vital to a cleaner, greener Territory.”

“Cynical and misleading campaigns by the beverage industry will do nothing but strengthen the community’s resolve to get the tidier communities, cleaner environment, lower emissions and economic opportunities that Cash for Containers will bring.

“Forget the beverage industry’s rubbish – Cash for Containers is full steam ahead in 2011.”

Cash for Containers legislation will be debated in February Parliamentary sittings for implementation in the second half of 2011.


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