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January 25th, 2011

NT News

Rebate boosts drink prices

THE price of two Territory favourites - beer and ice coffee - will rise if a "cash for cans" program is introduced, the beverage industry has warned.

The Australian Food and Grocery Council has formed an alliance with the NT branches of the Australian Hotel's Association, Chamber of Commerce and the Liquor Stores Association to fight the proposed law.

The industry group called Responsible Recycling Coalition claims the proposed Container Deposit Legislation will raise the price of a case of beer by almost $5.

They say a six pack of lunchbox juices will rise by $1.20 and a carton of iced coffee will go up 20 cents.

Under the proposed legislation, people will get 10c for every can they deliver to repositories to be placed around the Territory.

But the Australian Food and Grocery Council chief executive Kate Carnell said the cost of the program will add an extra 10c to drinks plus a handling fee.

Ms Carnell said consumers had been given no detail from the Government on the cost of the scheme.

The industry group today will meet scheme advocate Independent MLA Gerry Wood.

Mr Wood said the industry "heavies" were fighting the program because they feared if the Territory followed South Australia in starting a rebate initiative a national scheme may follow.

Mr Wood said the program would go a long way to cutting landfill in the NT.


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