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February 24 2011

Press Release

Historic Day for the Territory Environment

Environment Minister Karl Hampton today applauded the passing into law of landmark Environmental Legislation.

“Today I am extremely proud to see the passing by the NT Parliament of the Environment Protection (Beverage Containers and Plastic Bags) Bill 2010,”

“This bill is a huge step towards a cleaner and greener Territory, establishing both: 

  • A ban from later this year on shops giving away or selling single-use, non biodegradable plastic bags; and
  • A Container Deposit Scheme (CDL) in late 2011 whereby consumers can receive a 10c deposit on eligible bottles, cans and cartons at registered collection depots. 

Mr Hampton said the legislation would have huge environmental and economic benefits for the Territory.

“Every year Territorians throw away 40 million plastic bags and recycle only 10% of our beverage containers, creating landfill, killing wildlife and littering our beautiful environment.”

“This legislation will ban the bag whilst offering a 10c incentive for Territorians to recycle eligible plastic, aluminium and glass beverage containers, bringing these recycling rates up above 70%.

“From Leanyer to Lajamanu, this bill means all Territorians will enjoy a cleaner environment, more green jobs and small business opportunities.”

Mr Hampton said he was pleased that the CLP had finally decided to bow to the wishes of Territorians.

“Just a few days ago we heard the CLP go against their own climate change policy and recite the lines of interstate big business in condemning Cash for Containers.

“Territorians saw this backflip for exactly what it was; a desperate attempt to secure financial support from the beverage industry.

“It is great to see today that the CLP’s cash grab has been exposed and they have been shamed into supporting this bill which has the support of the community.

“I congratulate Territorians for seeing through a comprehensive and well-funded scare campaign by big business and backing this important environmental reform.

“I now call on Industry to abandon their campaign and work with the NT Government over the coming months to deliver the best model possible.

 “It has been a long road to this point, and I would like to acknowledge the work of all advocates for this policy who helped bring us to this landmark day.

“Today all Territorians can look proudly forward to a cleaner, greener future.”


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