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February 25th, 2011


MPs bottled it on containers

IT SEEMS obvious to everybody except politicians that container deposit schemes are necessary.

One has been working well in South Australia for many years.

The Territory particularly needs incentives for people to return their old drink cans.

But getting the legislation passed has been a painful, unseemly process over many years.

The drinks industry has concerns about the workability of the Territory proposal - and some of those concerns may be legitimate.

But that means only that the scheme needs to be refashioned, not dumped.

The Labor Government dragged its heels for years over container deposit legislation, probably because of the opposition from the drinks industry. Not surprisingly, the CLP supported it.

Under pressure from Independent MLA Gerry Wood, Labor changed its mind without so much as a blush.

Not surprisingly, the CLP then began nit-picking about details of the law. There have even been allegations that the drinks industry offered to pay for the Opposition's next election campaign if it promised to ditch the scheme. Very late in the day, the CLP announced it supported the plan.

The whole saga - Labor prevarication and backflipping, CLP backflipping on a backflip - was not edifying.

The scheme should be monitored closely. And the Government should be willing to make adjustments if the drinks industry concerns prove founded.

... and another thing

THERE was also nothing edifying about three MLAs being thrown out of Parliament. Former police officer Ross Bohlin, Matt Conlan and Alison Anderson should be ashamed of themselves. There is enough yobbish behaviour in the Territory without politicians joining in.


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