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February 25th 2011


WA must follow NT lead on Cash for Container Recycling

Western Australia’s peak environment group has congratulated the Northern Territory Government for passing legislation to establish a 10-cent ‘cash for containers’ recycling program, urging the Barnett Government to also adopt this proven and popular recycling scheme in WA.

Yesterday, legislation was passed in the NT Parliament making the Territory the second jurisdiction to adopt a recycling refund scheme after South Australia.

Conservation Council Director Piers Verstegen said “The NT Government have shown that with leadership and common sense it is possible to resist the lies and fear tactics used by beverage industries like Coke and Fosters to oppose recycling.

“Just like in the Northern Territory, a recycling refund scheme enjoys overwhelming community support in Western Australia.

“Western Australia is in a waste crisis, with around 80% of recyclable drink containers ending up in landfill. This is an enormous waste of resources and represents thousands of tonnes of unnecessary carbon pollution every year.

“We know that a recycling refund scheme in WA would not only dramatically improve recycling, but would save local councils and households money as kerbside recycling efficiency will be improved, and the cost of litter clean up reduced.”

In their Annual Litter Audits, Clean Up Australia has consistently found WA to have one of the highest rates of litter in Australia, with drink containers making up the greatest volume of litter on roadsides and other public places.

Ian Kiernan, AO Chairman and founder of Clean Up Australia said, “The SA recycling refund scheme operates through an established network of 100 convenient and privately funded depots. These depots also collect used consumer items like computers, TV’s, batteries and gas bottles.

“It is this kind of recycling reform that should be adopted right across Australia.”

“After years of talk, it is now time to follow the NT lead and move ahead with a recycling refund scheme for WA,” concluded Mr Verstegen.


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