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Mar 15, 2011

Bega District News

Greens call for change

GREENS candidate for the Bega electorate Harriett Swift is calling for the introduction of a container deposit scheme to boost recycling rates, reduce litter and landfill.

“The recent Clean Up Australia Day would become a daily activity if NSW had a container deposit scheme” Ms Swift said.

“It could go a long way towards removing the need for new large regional landfill facilities such as the controversial Wanatta Lane tip proposed for the Bega Valley Shire.

“Container deposit schemes allow for community groups and the disadvantaged to make money out of keeping our environment clean.

“Many positive benefits flow from such a scheme, including increased recycling, decreased litter, employment opportunities in recycling, reduced landfill, water saving and improved air quality.”

Ms Swift said the Coalition did not support a Greens’ Bill in 2009.

“The timing of the Coalition’s announcement in support of a container deposit scheme during an election campaign is spurious,” she said.

“They’ve already issued the caveat of any scheme needing to be a national scheme, to give them an out after March 26.

“The Greens are not beholden to donations from the powerful packaging industry – which after a decade of self-regulation in NSW has left our state with recycling rates less than 40 per cent.”

On another matter, Ms Swift has reiterated that The Greens believe good education, accessible to people from all walks of life, is essential to building and maintaining a strong, democratic society.

Ms Swift’s call comes “in response to misinformation” by the Coalition concerning The Greens school’s policy in the lead up to the State Election.

The Coalition and Labor continue to cling to a system that gives huge sums of public money to the States richest private schools while small public and independent schools remain critically short of funds, according to The Greens.

“Federal and State money should be used to fund schools according to their needs, whether the school is public or private,” Ms Swift said.

“It means that funding schools that would otherwise struggle due to lack of proper facilities will have a better chance to give their students a solid education.

“The Greens believe a society that is educated and confident, will prosper.

“The Greens believe that our Australian Democracy is intricately linked to equality in education,” she said.


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