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May 11, 2011

Donnybrook Bridgetown Mail

Petition for deposits on drink cans

COLLIE-PRESTON MLA Mick Murray is seeking support for a container deposit scheme, similar to the South Australian scheme operating since the 1970s. People get cash for returning used drink bottles and cans.

Similar schemes operated in WA years before that. Many older people would recall earning pocket money as kids, collecting cool drink bottles from friends and family and handing them in for cash at the corner store in the 1950s and 60s.

Mr Murray is circulating a petition calling on the government to immediately introduce a WA container deposit scheme, similar to SA system.

“A container deposit scheme will increase recycling throughout WA, dramatically reduce littering in our state and create an opportunity for young people, community groups and sporting clubs to cash in on money created by the scheme,” he said.

Labor, when it was in government, had been negotiating with other state environment ministers for a national container deposit scheme.

“Unfortunately the Liberal-National government has completely dropped the ball and not progressed the issue at all,” he said. “After two and a half years we have more waste going to landfill than ever before.

“It is my view that WA should simply join with SA and introduce our own scheme here.” Mr Murray said.

People interested in signing the petition can phone Mr Murray’s office and a copy will be emailed or posted to them.


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