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January 13, 2011


Roundtable debates Bottle Bill's progression

Guam - Senator Tina Muna Barnes hosted a roundtable discussion with officials that play a huge role in the efforts of moving forward her Bottle Bill. The measure was signed into law in the previous administration. Barnes opened up the discussion to get feedback from the Guam EPA, UOG's Green Army and recycling companies about the efforts to kick off the project.

Officials say this effort will definitely help reduce the trash stream into the landfill and take litter off the streets. Green Army lead intern Michael Conner told KUAM News, "If this bottle bill were to be put in place, people would actually be getting rebates and we would be able to get refunds for the bottles, cans and whatever beverage containers they give back to the centers, so another important thing is that our beaches cleaner."

The next step is to bring together a representative from the aforementioned organizations, the Governor's Office and the military to create the rules and regulations.


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