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Bottle Bills in the News


Oklahoma Legislator Pushes For Bottle Bill

November 22, 2011 Mark McCullough (R-Sapulpa), 5¢ bottle bill in Oklahoma, soda vending machine, vending machine, Oklahoma tax on drinks, Oklahoma bottle bill OKLAHOMA CITY, OK -- Rep. Mark McCullough (R-Sapulpa) is seeking a 5¢ bottle bill in Oklahoma that would include soda, water and beer. Vending Times

Oklahoma Considers Nickel Bottle Deposit
The refundable deposit would cover water bottles, beer and soft drinks.

November 4, 2011 State Rep. Mark McCullough has proposed a bill that would require a nickel deposit on beer, soda and water bottles. The Ardmoreite reports. The refundable deposit would pertain to aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers. NACS Online

Bottle bill alright for OK?

November 3, 2011 An Oklahoma lawmaker is drafting a beverage container deposit law that he says will benefit the state by increasing its low recycling rate without imposing a "big-government approach" on businesses. Resource Recycling

Oklahoma lawmaker calls for nickel deposit on beverage containers

October 31, 2011 The time is right for Oklahoma to pass legislation requiring consumers to pay a 5-cent deposit on soft drink and beer bottles and cans, as well as on water bottles, a legislator says. NewsOK

Oklahoma lawmaker considers a bottle bill

October 28, 2011 Children in Oklahoma circa 1965 could pick up easy money by picking up empty pop bottles and redeeming them for cash. This wasn't done out of environmental concerns. For the kids it was a matter of economic self-interest — what the recycled 1960s protesters on Wall Street might call greed. NewsOK

Lawmakers Consider Implementing Statewide Beverage Container Recycling Program (Press Release)

October 26, 2011 Creating a state recycling program that allows Oklahomans to redeem money when beverage bottles are returned for recycling could have a significant impact on litter in the state, experts told lawmakers this week. Oklahoma State Legislature




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