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Bottle Bills in the News


Howard Street students' hand-made ornaments going to D.C.

Nov. 8, 2011 Howard Street Charter School students are transforming discarded CDs, old pop cans and used file folders into ornaments for a state Christmas tree in Washington, D.C. Statesman Journal

NH eco-firm makes splash with green clothing line

Oct 29, 2011 Now the creator of Portsmouth-based Earthtec, Dennis Randall, is reaping the dividends of the work that's gone into a company that started 15 years ago in a basement with $600 and two sewing machines. The city of Portland is trying to woo Earthtec to build a manufacturing plant in Oregon, which passed the nation's first bottle recycling bill. CNBC

There’s hope for a bottle drop-off center (Editorial)

October 16, 2011 The mid-valley may get an example of a bottle-return center that is not too far away to see how it works in practice. The legislature last session authorized a redemption center pilot project in conjunction with expanding the Bottle Bill. Luckily for us, it looks as though the pilot project may take shape in Salem, a mere 20 or so miles away from Albany. Democrat-Herald

Many happy returns
Wood Village BottleDrop Center bigger, more popular as it turns 1

Sep 30, 2011 The Wood Village BottleDrop Redemption Center turned 1 this week, and there is little doubt it’s a success. It was the first of its kind in Oregon when it opened in a small plaza off Halsey Street on Sept. 27, 2010. The Outlook

Crews set to break ground on St. Helens recycling plant

August 29, 2011 A $10 million plastic bottle recycling plant opening in St. Helens early next year is expected to recycle 90 percent of the plastic bottles used in Oregon, while bringing in 25 jobs by December. The 44,000 square-foot facility is being constructed by ORPET, a new Oregon-based recycling partnership, and is anticipated to become the preeminent polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle recycler in the northwest. The Daily News

The events of any ol’ day (Opinion)

June 29, 2011 The events of the other day were mind boggling. The course of all of our lives were changed by several events....The third thing for those of us in Oregon was seeing our legislature come together and finally agree on a new bottle bill. With the economy in the toilet and the weather raising hell all over the country, they stepped right up and solved this really big problem. North Coast & Cannon Beach Citizen

Bottle bill: Increased deposits, definition on the way

June 22, 2011 Earlier this month, Gov. John Kitzhaber signed a bottle bill expansion that would increase the refundable amount to 10 cents per recyclable can or bottle by 2015. Three other bills are waiting in the legislature which may further affect the bottle bill, said Christie Scott, public affairs for the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, and many things are not spelled out about it yet. Lebanon Express

Kitzhaber Signs Bottle Bill Expansion

June 10, 2011 Governor John Kitzhaber has signed into law an expansion of Oregon's Bottle Bill that will require a five cent deposit on energy drinks, juice and tea containers no later than 2018. Senator Jackie Dingfelder has been a champion of the legislation, and say she’s glad the state is taking conservation seriously. State Senator Chris Telfer of Bend says she's disappointed in the passage of the bill, and she plans to do something about it. News/Talk 1110 KBND

Oregon’s revised bottle law boon for recycling, not yards

June 11, 2011 Oregon’s governor has signed off on a revision to the state’s 40-year bottle bill that will double the deposit value if redemption rates fall below a certain threshold two years in a row. While the move almost certainly will boost recycling rates, it could mean little to scrapyards operating in the state. Metal Bulletin

It's the Oregon Senate, not House, cutting it close

May. 29, 2011 With the first even split between Democrats and Republicans in the Oregon House, it seemed safe to say there would be many close votes this session. Bottle bill: The House passed a sweeping revision by a 47-12 vote; the Senate, initially, by 16-14 along party lines. Republican Jason Atkinson of Central Point switched his vote before Senate President Peter Courtney, D-Salem, announced the result. Morse and Sen. Bruce Starr of Hillsboro received permission to switch afterward — such changes are allowed within a daily session if the outcome is not affected — so the official Senate vote was 19-11. Statesman Journal

State senator says two states’ bottle bill systems went broke after they raised deposit rate

June 6th, 2011 Kruse tried to persuade his Senate colleagues that too-high deposits in Michigan and Massachusetts were crippling those programs. But Michigan says that’s not the case and Massachusetts doesn’t even have a higher deposit rate. Kruse doesn’t have any evidence to back up his claim. The statement is not just false -- it’s ridiculous. PolitiFact Oregon

Oregon bottle bill signed

June 9, 2011 Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber signed into law today the latest revision to the state's landmark bottle bill, which expands the scope of containers covered by attaching a nickel deposit to all beverages, including beer, soft drinks, water, juice and sports drinks. The expansion would go into effect in 2018 or when redemption centers collect 60 percent of currently-covered items, whichever occurs first. Additionally, it would raise the current five-cent deposit to a dime if redemption rates dip below 80 percent for two years in a row. Resource Recycling Electronic Newsletter

Kitzhaber inks widening of bottle deposit system

June 10. 2011 Gov. John Kitzhaber signs a bill revamping Oregon’s bottle deposit system at the Capitol in Salem on Thursday. Under the bill, the deposit system will apply to just about any glass, metal or plastic beverage container by 2018. The Bend Bulletin

This week, everyone comes up a winner (Opinion)

Jun. 10, 2011 WINNER: Oregon Bottle Bill. Gov. John Kitzhaber on Thursday signed what is only the second expansion of the venerable Bottle Bill in its 40-year history. By 2018, the bottle-deposit and -recycling requirements will cover most beverages sold in containers — but not milk, wine or liquor. Statesman Journal

A 21st century bottle bill (Editorial)
Legislature OKs its expansion and shift from grocers

June 1, 2011 The shape of a grand bargain on an update of Oregon’s 40-year-old bottle bill has been visible for the past couple of years...Whether the bargain is a good one for Oregonians and the environment will depend on the convenience of a new system of redemption centers.
CRI cited: "According to the Plastics News trade publication, the Container Recycling Institute expects higher return rates for all types of beverage containers"

The Register-Guard

Telfer Wanted the Bottle Bill to be Much More

May 30, 2011 Oregon lawmakers recently approved a new bottle bill that will greatly expand the state's recycling program. But State Senator Chris Telfer wants to...offer guidance on what to do with unclaimed deposit money.

News Talk 1110 KBND

Bottle Bill update will make us jump (Editorial)

May 29, 2011 Because of the insistence by the backers on a higher deposit sooner or later unless most containers are redeemed, it looks as though the motive had something to do with making otherwise free and responsible citizens dance to the legislature's particular tune.

Albany Democrat-Herald

How Oregon's bottle bill was greatly expanded in a legislative session made for killing bills (Editorial)

May 26, 2011 This week's passage in the Oregon Legislature of a sweeping expansion of the state's bottle bill was a huge victory for the environmental lobby, particularly in a nearly evenly divided Legislature that seems tailor-made for killing bills. But, as usual, there's a back story explaining how House Bill 3145 succeeded after so many attempts to expand the bottle bill failed in the last four decades.

The Oregonian






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