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Bottle Bills in the News


(Australia) Henderson makes container deposit drive a long one

December 15, 2011 Chief Minister Paul Henderson say residents in the town of Katherine should make use of container collection depots in Darwin. ABC News

(Australia) NO cash for containers in Katherine

Dec 14, 2011 Last week Environment Minister Karl Hampton announced the first locations for collection depots that will play a pivotal role in the Territory Government’s new cash for containers scheme. Katherine Times

(Australia) Let's be harsh on every spill (Editorial)

December 12th, 2011 THE Territory Government was quick to boast about the successful prosecution of Rio Tinto for spilling fuel at the Alcan bauxite mine. It was not so quick to own up to the bungled prosecution of the Darwin Port Corporation for allowing tonnes of copper concentrate to spill into the harbour. NT News

(Australia) Their call if Coke wants to rip us off

December 9th, 2011 THE NT Government has admitted defeat in its latest stoush with Coca Cola, after the beverages giant hiked prices before the container deposit laws start. Environment Minister Karl Hampton had threatened to report the company to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). NT News

(Australia) Bubblers & bottle bans (Opinion)

December 6 2011...Earlier this year, the Northern Territory brought in Container Deposit Legislation, but the move was bitterly contested by Coca Cola – it was quite shocking for me to discover that the company which pedalled summer fun throughout my teens with its ‘Coke Is The Real Thing’ and psychedelic Fanta ads, is so ideologically opposed to recycling beverage containers that it resorts to corporate bullying all over the world. G online

(Australia) NT, SA plan to align drink deposit laws

Dec 6 2011 A cash for containers recyling plan in the Northern Territory is planned to be aligned with South Australia's current scheme, making it easier for consumers to claim deposits. 9 News

(Australia) A “green” Territory

December 2, 2011 You may not have noticed, but the Government went green this year. While they were “getting tough” on polluters (softening charges faced by the Darwin Port Corporation and Alcan Gove), they were forced by Independent Gerry Wood into introducing container deposit legislation. ABC News

(Australia) A container deposit scheme is proposed for WA

November 16, 2011 Would you take your used plastic and glass bottles, milk cartons and aluminium cans to a recycling machine in exchange for money? West Australians use about 1.2 billion containers every year equating to about 500 containers per person. ABC News

(Guam) Robert Hoffman and Sen Tina Rose Muna Barnes with Ray Gibson

November 15 2011 Interview between Ray Gibson and Vice Mayor Robert Hoffman, Sinajana, about the impact of FAS citizens on the villages.... Senator Tina Rose Muna Barnes then joined the convesation relaying the results from the public hearing held on the legislation. They then talked about the status of the Bottle Bill enactment. Pacific News Center

(Australia) Hurdles for deposit scheme

November 9, 2011 Tasmania's Environment Minister is resisting pressure to introduce a state-based container deposit scheme. ABC Northern Tasmania

(Australia) National Recycling Scheme Still the Best Option (Press Release)

November 8 2011 The Environment Minister, Brian Wightman, today said a national approach to recycling – including the possibility of a Container Deposit Scheme – will be more effective and efficient than individual state schemes. Brian Wightman, MP Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage

(Australia) Time to clean up our act

November 09, 2011 TASMANIA can not wait for national action on a container deposit scheme to address litter woes, the Greens say. Climate Change Minister Cassy O'Connor yesterday said the Government needed to take action now to address the state's "appalling" litter problem. The Mercury

(Australia) Push for container deposit scheme

November 07, 2011 The Tasmanian Government is being urged to introduce a container deposit scheme. Independent MLC Greg Hall will bring on a motion to debate the issue in the Upper House. ABC News

(Australia) New VIEW for women at North Rocks

Nov 05, 2011 National women’s organisation VIEW (short for the Voice, Interests and Education of Women) will call on our leaders to introduce a drink container deposit levy in all states and territories. Blacktown Sun

(Australia) Cash for Containers scheme will soon be operating in the Territory.

October 21 2011 A newly formed company backed by members with more than 30 years experience coordinating South Australia’s Cash for Containers scheme will soon be operating in the Territory. Environment Minister Karl Hampton said NT Coordinators is the first company approved as a coordinator under the Territory’s Cash for Containers Scheme. The International News Magazine

(Australia) Hills women's voices get heard

Oct 18 2011 NATIONAL women's organisation VIEW (Voice, Interests and Education of Women) will call on our leaders to introduce a drink container deposit levy in all states and territories. South Australia has operated such a system since 1970 and North Rocks Evening VIEW Club member Heather Isemonger can't see why the rest of Australia doesn't. Hills News

(Australia) Cashing in on recycling

October 17, 2011 West Australians could be encouraged to recycle cans and bottles under a plan that would see them receive 10c per item for doing so. WA Labor plans to introduce a bill which would see refunds on bottles and cans but the State Government says they would prefer a national approach. Sydney Morning Herald

(Australia) Opposition proposes cash for cans recycling

October 17, 2011 The State Opposition will introduce a bill into Parliament to create a 'container deposit scheme' in a bid to boost Western Australia's recycling effort. Under the scheme, 10 cents would be refunded for every can and bottle handed in for recycling. It already runs in South Australia and is about to begin in the Northern Territory. ABC News

(Australia) Don still out to clean up our act

07 Oct, 2011 DON Chambers steps down as national chairman of Keep Australia Beautiful in November, but he won’t stop recruiting multinationals for a campaign to improve recycling and reduce litter....Mr Chambers said he didn’t believe a national container deposit scheme, such as the one in South Australia, was the answer. The Border Mail

(Australia) Coke leaves legal challenge to NT law open

Oct 4 2011 Coca-Cola Amatil has left open the possibility of legal action against the Northern Territory's proposed cash for bottles and cans scheme. The company has said it thought the territory's container deposit law could breach the federal Mutual Recognition Act. 9 News

(Australia) Coke backpedals on challenge to container deposits

October 05, 2011 Coca-Cola Amatil says reports that it plans to challenge the legality of the Northern Territory cash-for-containers scheme are "inaccurate". ABC News

(Australia) Go public on lawsuit backflip, Coke told

Oct 3 2011 The Northern Territory government is calling on drinks giant Coca-Cola Amatil to publicly abandon its threatened lawsuit against a proposed cash for bottles and cans law. The company recently revealed it wanted to challenge the territory's container deposit legislation, which would be similar to a scheme that has been underway in South Australia for decades. 9 News

(Australia) Key challenge to can deposit springs a leak

October 1st, 2011 A KEY business argument against the cash-for-containers legislation has collapsed, the Territory Government said yesterday. The drinks industry, led by Coca-Cola, had argued a 10c deposit on cans and bottles in NT would mean companies had to have special labels for products. Coke, however, now is printing the 150 most popular Australian names on drink bottles. NT News

(Australia) Things go better with Coke after deposit backflip

September 30, 2011 In what appears to be a sudden reversal of company policy, Coca-Cola Amatil says it will take part in a container deposit scheme in the Northern Territory. The Territory Government will introduce a 10 cent refund on beverage containers next year. 1233 ABC Newcastle

(Fiji) Paying for a cleaner environment

September 30, 2011 CABINET has approved the Environment Management (Waste Disposal and Recycling) (Amendment) Regulations 2011, and the Environment Management (Container Deposit) Regulations 2011. The regulations provide legal framework for the establishment of the Container Deposit and Refund Recycling System. The Fiji Times

(Fiji) Compulsory Beverage Container Deposit to be introduced to Fiji soon

September 30, 2011 A new Container Deposit and Refund Recycling System will start in Fiji soon to ensure all beverage containers are recycled. Fiji Village

(Australia) Greens want Canberra to back container deposits

September 20, 2011 The Australian Greens have asked the Commonwealth to do what it can to support the Northern Territory government in a possible legal battle with Coca-Cola Amatil. ABC News

(Australia) Chorus swells for NT boycott of Coca-Cola products

September 19, 2011 Another environmental group is calling for Coca-Cola products to be boycotted because of a threat by the company to challenge Northern Territory container deposit scheme. ABC News

(Australia) Slow movement on national deposit scheme

September 19 2011 Federal environment ministers could not reach an agreement on a national recycling and deposit scheme for packaged drink containers at a meeting in Canberra on Friday. Food Magazine

(Australia) Container deposit threat opens Coke can of worms

September 16, 2011 Greens believe a challenge to Northern Territory container deposit laws could lead to the introduction of a national scheme. The Territory scheme comes into effect next year but could face a legal challenge from drink company Coca-Cola Amatil. 774 ABC Melbourne

(Australia) Coca-Cola Set to Challenge Recycling Law in Northern Territory

September 14, 2011 Coca-Cola Amatil has expressed plans to launch a legal action against the upcoming Northern Territory recycling initiative that would provide a $0.10 incentive for every plastic bottle returned to a beverage manufacturer. Australia Companies will shoulder the cost and Coca-Cola believes that the new law contradicts the Commonwealth Mutual Recognition Act... International Business Times

(Australia) Legal challenge threatens future of recycling plan

September 14, 2011 Clean Up Australia founder and chairman Ian Kiernan says a legal challenge to Northern Territory container deposit laws threatens the future of recycling around the nation. ABC News

(Australia) NT Govt: 'We'll see you in court, Coca Cola'

September 12, 2011 The Northern Territory Government's new legislation to introduce a container deposit scheme in the NT in January has led to an industry outcry. The law will see a 10 cent deposit being put on cans and drink bottles that can be redeemed by Territorians when they take empty containers to a recycling depot. Katherine Times

(Australia) Money for empties (Podcast)

September 11, 2011 Container deposit schemes operate in many parts of the world, in SA, and soon in the NT. Why will some firms go to great lengths to prevent them? Politicians often fear the financial and strategic might of big business - even when it's about who picks up the drink can or the beer bottles. ABC News

(Australia) Coca-Cola flags challenge to container deposit law

September 9, 2011 The maker of Coca-Cola in Australia says the beverage industry plans to take the Northern Territory Government to court over its container deposit plan. ABC News

(Australia) Recycled bottle deposit scheme right for WA

September 8th, 2011 West Australians who are committed to making WA a world leader in the race to create a zero waste society found a silver lining around the cloud of recent news confirming this State has the worst rate of recycling in Australia. Talk to anyone from the mums and dads running your community sporting groups to local government councillors and you will find overwhelming support for a container deposit scheme...The West Australian

(Australia) Bad look (Editorial)

August 25, 2011 ON a less inspiring note, Tasmania leads the national table of shame as the state with the worst litter problem, far behind Victoria and South Australia, which has container deposit legislation. The Mercury

(Australia) Beverage containers again dominate dangerous litter

Aug 23, 2011 BEVERAGE containers again are the dominant litter problem across the nation, according to the annual National Litter Index from Keep Australia Beautiful. And South Australia’s container deposit scheme has the lowest volumes of litter, including beverage containers, of all states and territories. Cowra Community News

(Australia) Queenslanders still trashing our coast

August 23, 2011 QUEENSLAND is the dirtiest state in Australia, with a survey finding we are going backwards in the fight against litter. Figures show Queensland is also losing the fight against marine debris - litter that ends up in our oceans, killing marine and bird life. The Courier-Mail

(Australia) Manly's push to value used containers

Aug 22 2011 LOCAL governments across the state will be asked to join a push to put a value on container waste and help reduce the amount of bottles polluting waterways and swelling landfill. Manly Council will call on all councils to support the Boomerang Alliance, a consortium of environmental groups campaigning for better recycling initiatives, in pushing for a national container deposit scheme. The Manly Daily

(Australia) Liverpool Council pushes refundable bottle levy plan

August 18, 2011 Bottles and cans littering Liverpool’s streets and waterways could equal cash if Liverpool Council gets its way. The council will write to the state government seeking legislation to introduce a container deposit levy in NSW. Liverpool Leader

(Australia) Boomerang Alliance walks out of CDL talks

August 9 2011 The Boomerang Alliance has walked out of the Environmental Protection and Heritage Council (EPHC) hosted discussions about new national recycling measures, citing a ‘rigged’ outcome. The discussions began in June last year, when the then environment minister Peter Garrett agreed to host talks discussing additional measures to increase recycling rates Australia-wide. Inside Waste Weekly

(Australia) Who put the polluters in charge of environmental policy?

August 1, 2011 The Boomerang Alliance is keen to see more cans and bottles recycled. And that's exactly why they walked away from a process that promised to deliver a bad result. ABC Environment

(Australia) Australia: Federal government passes new product stewardship legislation - what next?

July 26 2011 On 22 June, the Federal parliament passed the Product Stewardship Act (Act). The Act provides the umbrella provisions for product stewardship in Australia. Details of product-specific schemes will be in underlying regulations. ...In this article, we take a more detailed look at the new Act, the implications for the E-Waste Scheme and the future of product stewardship in Australia. Mondaq

(Australia) Green groups withdraw from container-deposit process - call on Vic Govt to act (Press Release)

July 18 2011 The Boomerang Alliance of environment groups today protested in Melbourne withdrawing from the Commonwealth investigation of a national ten cent container deposit scheme. ... Said Dave West, National Policy Director, Boomerang Alliance, “This process is both delayed and corrupted. We do not believe the Federal department can manage this process and in fact the investigation is designed to fail. There is no way this Federal process will resolve this issue."

(Australia) Green groups' boycott stunt doesn't stack up (Opinion)

28 Jul 2011 Everyone wants to increase recycling rates. So why then are green groups abandoning the process to find the best way to recycle? It's disappointing that Green activists have boycotted a whole-of-Australia process to assess a range of approaches to improve packaging recycling rates and reduce waste in Australia. ABC

(Guam) Bottle Bill Law Closer to Reality

July 7, 2011 A Bill that became Law in the last Legislature, is beginning to become a reality today. Senator Tina Muna-Barne's Bottle Bill was signed into law at the end of last year. ...Senator Barnes told PNC today that an Advisory Council made up of representative from the Legislature, the Governor's Office, the Community and the EPA has been formed to determine how to best implement the law. Pacific News Center

(Australia) Turtle death sparks renewed call for container refunds

July 1, 2011 The amount of plastic waste in the ocean is under renewed scrutiny after the death of a green sea turtle which washed up at South Ballina Beach. It had more than 300 pieces of plastic in its digestive system. Mr Cohen says his failed container-deposit legislation would have made the plastics industry accountable and reduced the amount of rubbish in the ocean. ABC North Coast New South Wales

(Australia) WA worst in nation for recycling

June 29, 2011 WA has the lowest recycling rate in the country and reuses less than half as much waste as South Australia, according to a report that has sparked renewed criticism of the State Government's landfill levy...Conservation Council of WA executive director Piers Verstegen said the Government should introduce a container deposit scheme similar to South Australia's The West Australian

(Australia) Call for recycling reward for dirty West Aussies

June 29, 2011 Western Australians are the nation's worst recyclers with the Greens urging reform to reverse the trend. ...Greens spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said the amount of rubbish going to landfill could be curbed if WA introduced a container deposit scheme similar to South Australia. Perth Now

(Australia - Victoria) Push back on for bottle, can refunds

June 15, 2011 The Greens will today test if the Coalition in government stays true to its commitment in opposition to support a 10¢ refund scheme for bottles and cans in Victoria. Greens MP Colleen Hartland will introduce the details of new bottle-refund laws to the upper house of Victoria’s Parliament — the Coalition voted in favour of a similar bill introduced by the Greens in 2009 that was blocked by the former Labor government. The Age.

(Australia - Tasmania) Cash for cans support

June 20, 2011 There is overwhelming support in Tasmania for container deposit legislation, a survey has found. An EMRS poll of 1000 Tasmanians has found 91 per cent agreed with the introduction of such a scheme. The Mercury

(Australia) Major milestones for national schemes

June 21, 2011 The successful passage of the Product Stewardship Act in the Senate last week, is a welcome change to the arid waste policy scene that has pervaded national politics for years, according to the Total Environment Centre (TEC). The Act is designed to provide the architecture for industries looking to self-manage the environmental, health and safety impacts of their products. Also last week, the House of Representatives passed the Carbon Farming Initiative. Inside Waste Weekly

Estonia: Packaging deposit to be raised (In Estonian)

Jun 3, 2011 The Estonian Environment Ministry has sent for endorsement a bill of amendments to a regulation to raise the deposit refund for a half-litre beverage package from the present EUR 0.03 to EUR 0.04 and the deposit on bigger packages from EUR 0.06 to EUR 0.08, in an effort to increase recycling of packaging. The deposit refunding system on glass and plastic beverage packages is in force and unchanged since the introduction of the packaging deposit system on 1 May 2005. Delfi Majandus

(Australia) Manufacturers slam container deposit deadline

Jun 1, 2011 AEST Drink manufacturers say the deadline for the introduction of a cash for containers scheme in the Northern Territory is impossible. The Territory Government wants the scheme to start late this year.

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