2014: Connecticut’s bottle bill expansion efforts on hold.

Focus now on Resource Management Strategy

On February 4, 2014 Representative Emmett D. Riley of Connecticut’s 46th  District introduced SB 67 to expand Connecticut's bottle bill to include juices, teas and sports drinks. The current law, enacted in 1978, levies a 5-cent container deposit on beer, malt, carbonated soft drinks and bottled water. The 2014 bill was referred to the Joint Committee on Environment, where testimony was heard on February 28.  Connecticut PIRG solicited widespread support for the Bill, including endorsements from municipal and statewide elected officials, public works directors, small businesses and other environmental groups, however the Environment Chair decided to let it die to focus on legislation proposed by the governor to improve the state’s Resources and Recovery Authority’s recycling and materials management strategy, reduce incineration, strengthen recycling and composting infrastructure and set a statutory goal of 60% waste diversion. The Governor’s Bill (SB 27) was reported out of committee with bipartisan support and is scheduled for a full Senate vote.
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Updated July 9, 2014


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