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Hawaii Senate Bill 175

Bill Number and Name Hawaii Senate Bill 175 – Changes to Payment Criteria for Redemption Centers
Primary Sponsor Dela Cruz


Died in committee
1/21/2016 Re-referred to EET/CPH, WAM committees (Economic Development, Environment, and Technology/Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Health, Ways and Means)
12/17/2015 Carried over to 2016 Regular Session
1/23/2015 Introduced


Currently, Hawaii’s Deposit Beverage Container Program pays individual redemption centers based on the count of containers reported by each redemption center.
This bill proposes to require the Department of Health (DOH) to pay redemption centers based upon only the weight of containers the redemption centers submit for recycling as verified by shipping reports from the redemption center to recyclers. This legislation seeks to implement a back-end payment system in order to remedy the issue of over-payments.


Deposits and Fees

Remains unchanged; handling fees would need to be calculated, verified, and paid by the DOH

Beverages Covered

Remains unchanged

Redemption System

Remains unchanged


Remains unchanged

Updated May 19, 2016

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