New York

2013 Budget Plan

In 2013, New York Governor Cuomo has introduced some budget proposals that affect the container deposit law.

According to, some proposed changes include:

  • Moving unclaimed deposit funds into the state Environmental Protection Fund
  • Widening an exemption that would allow certain smaller stores to only accept 72 returned cans per person each day. The limit for most stores is 240 cans per person, per day.
  • Allowing stores to reject containers that aren't "reasonably clean"
  • Increasing fines and penalties for abuse and fraud.

NYPIRG, New York's foremost advocacy organization in favor of the refund law, submitted testimony with its opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the governor's plan.

More information about possible changes to New York's deposit system will be added as it becomes available.

Updated February 17, 2013


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