The 2013 Landfill Ban

Bill Number and Name HB 945 / SB 941 Bill text Amended Bill text
Sponsors Representative Swann,
Senator Southerland
Types of Packaging Covered Aluminum cans, plastic bottles
Summary Bans disposal of aluminum cans and plastic bottles in landfills
Goals None specified
Fees / Taxes None


In the original version of the bill, people would have been prohibited from knowingly disposing of aluminum cans and recyclable plastic bottles (defined as plastic bottles with a neck smaller than the body of the container) in landfills.

After revision, the focus of the bill was entirely changed. The emphasis became the existing regulations for waste reduction and landfill diversion. In the amended version of the bill, aluminum cans and plastic bottles are given more importance in the landfill diversion goals. Regions are allowed to multiply the total weight of these bottles and cans by three when calculating the total percentage waste reduction and diversion that the region has achieved.


February 4, 2013: Senate Bill Introduced

On May 16, the significantly amended version was signed into law (Pub. Ch. 421).

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Updated September 14, 2013

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