Name Beverage Container Deposit Law
Purpose Litter Control
Enacted 4/1/1978
Implemented Beer, soft drinks - May  1, 1979; wine/liquor - July 1, 1979
Beverages Covered Beer, carbonated soft drinks & mineral water, wine coolers, wine & liquor
Containers Covered any sealed glass, plastic, or metal bottle, can, jar or carton containing a beverage
Amount of Deposit
Reclamation System Retail stores and redemption centers
Unredeemed Deposits Retained by distributor/bottlers
Handling Fee 1¢, paid by distributor to retailer or redemption center
Redemption Rate overall 86% (i)


Deposit containers banned from landfills in 1990; retailer can refuse containers if agreement exists w/licensed redemption center.

The redemption rate was estimated at 93% in the year 2000[ii], but has decreased to an estimated 86% in 2009-2011.


[i] Source: Iowa DNR, Waste Management Division, as per e-mail correspondence with Bill Blum on 2/26/15 (year 2000 estimate)

[ii] Source: Iowa DNR, Waste Management Division, as per phone conversation with Jeff Geerts on 8/29/01 (year 2000 estimate).

Updated March 2, 2015

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