Bottle Bill Resource Guide

Name of Program
Waste Reduction and Recycling Amendment Bill 2017[1]
Date Enacted
September 5, 2017
Date Implemented November 1, 2018
Containers Covered Most beverage containers between 150 ml and 3L (aluminum, glass, PET, HDPE, steel, liquid paperboard)
Beverages Not Covered
  • plain milk containers
  • glass containers which have contained wine or pure spirits
  • large containers (1L or more) which have contained flavoured milk, pure juice, cask wine or cask water
  • cordial or vegetable juice containers
  • sachets above 250ml which have contained wine
  • registered health tonics.
Deposit and Handling Fees

Deposit value: 0.10 AUD

Fees and Taxes 

Beverage manufacturer fee (all inclusive of handling fees, processing fees, etc.): Between 9.9 to 10.6¢ [2]

Unreclaimed Deposts Remains with retailers
Reclamation System Deposit at container refund points
Program Success TBD



The introduction of the state-wide container refund scheme, Containers for Change, gives people an incentive to collect and return containers for recycling, in exchange for a 10 cent refund payment. This will help to:

  • reduce the amount of drink containers that are littered and,
  • increase Queensland’s recycling rate.

The scheme also provides benefits to social enterprises, communities, and regional and remote areas by creating new job, recycling and fundraising opportunities.

The Queensland Government appointed non-profit group Container Exchange (CoEx) as the Product Responsibility Organisation (PRO), to develop and run the container refund scheme in Queensland.[3] They are responsible for ensuring that an effective and efficient scheme operates in Queensland, and that there is convenient and statewide access to container refund points. Major recyling companies TOMRA and Envirobank are running the collection sites that people may go to for depositing their containers.[4]

Queenslanders are able to return eligible containers that attract a 10 cent refund via a container refund point. A series of container refund points will be established across Queensland which will collect eligible empty containers in exchange for the payment of a refund. These container refund points may operate on a permanent, temporary or mobile basis.




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