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After several unsuccessful attempts, Guam's legislature succeeded in enacting a deposit system in 2011.

Name  Public Law 30-221, "Guam Beverage Container Recycling Act"
Date Implemented Signed December 30, 2010, Will be implemented 6 months after an agreement of support by the military is signed.
Beverages Covered All nonalcoholic beverages, beer, ale, malt beverages, mixed spirits, mixed wine. Excludes milk, supplements, and medicines [a]
Containers Covered Any sealed glass, metal, or plastic container, up to 64 oz.
Refundable Deposits
Recovery System Return to redemption centers
Unredeemed Deposits Retained by EPA
Fees and Taxes 20% of the deposit is kept by the EPA
Program Success Unavailable



As of late 2012, the system is not yet operational. However, in a Nov. 15 interview, Senator Tina Muña-Barnes (the bill's primary sponsor) announced that in preliminary meetings, the bill did have the support of stakeholders and military representatives, which is crucial for the process to move forward.


*All information on this page was gathered from the documentation of the legislative process[pdf,30Mb]

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