Bottle Bill Resource Guide


Law Summary STATUTORY ORDER ON PACKAGING FOR BEER AND SOFT DRINKS # 124, amended by STATUTORY ORDER #540 requires all domestic beer and soft drink to be sold in refillable bottles. Mandatory deposit/return system for imported containers made of glass and plastic.[1]
Date Implemented (#124) 2002; amended (#540) in 2007
Containers Covered Plastic (Predominantly PET), Metal, glass
Beverages Covered

beer, soft drinks, energy drinks, mineral water, iced tea, ready-to-drink beverages, alcoholic mixers

Amount of Deposit

Metal, glass, plastic < 1l: 1 DKK (€0.13, USD$0.15)

Plastic 0.5l: 1.5 DKK (€0.2, USD$0.22)

Metal, glass, plastic ≥ 1l: 3 DKK (€0.4, USD$0.45)

Handling Fees

RVM accepted containers with compaction: 

  • Metal: 0.009 DKK (€0.0012, USD$0.0013) 
  • Plastic <1L: 0.013 DKK (€0.0017, USD$0.0019) 
  • Plastic > 1L: 0.018 DKK (€0.0024, USD$0.0027) 
  • Glass: 0.063 DKK (€0.0084, USD$0.0094)
Program Success

Success rate (2016):

Total return rate: 90%

Can: 90%

PET >1L: 90%

PET <1L: 90%

Glass: 90%

Trippage rate: 32 trips (average for all containers)



1. "Statutory Order on Deposits on and the Collection etc. of Packaging for Certain Beverages". Government of Denmark, June 2017. Translated by GlobalDenmark Translations.