Bottle Bill Resource Guide

  • Check out the Reloop & CRI Video

    Check out the Reloop & CRI Video

    This video demonstrates the value and life cycle of a container deposit from distributor to customer and back!

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  • Explore Bottle Bills

    Explore Bottle Bills

    If you're new to bottle bills or have some questions, these resources will help you gain understanding, from how bottle bills work to what makes them so effective.

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  • Bottle Bill Tool Kit

    Bottle Bill Tool Kit

    Want to start a bottle bill where you live? Get facts and resources, and arm yourself against the opposition with the Bottle Bill Toolkit.

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    Recycling Updates in the News

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  • Bottle bills work!
  • Advantages

Bottle bills (also known as container deposit laws) are a proven, sustainable method of capturing beverage bottles and cans for recycling. The refund value of the container (usually 5 or 10 cents) provides a monetary incentive to return the container for recycling.

  • Supply recyclable materials for a high-demand market
  • Conserve energy and natural resources
  • Create new businesses and jobs
  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • Reduce litter
  • and provide many more benefits
This counter represents the number of beverage cans and bottles that have been landfilled, littered and incinerated in the US so far this year.

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