Bottle Bill Resource Guide

Name of Legislation
Resolution No. 7 "On gradually reducing the use of polymer packaging" [1]
Date Implemented Passed 13 January 2020; expected to be implemented 2022 [2]
Containers Covered
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal
Beverages Covered All beverages except dairy-based products
Refundable Deposit
  • TBD
Unclaimed deposits


Handling Fee


Redemption Rate



In 2017, Belarus published a National Strategy leading up to 2035 to outline the country's plans for municipal solid waste management. As part of these plans, the establishment of a deposit return scheme (DRS) was deemed advantageous to the current system. According to the National Strategy, the DRS will "include disposable consumer packages made of glass, PET and metal (1.8 billion packages per year according to estimates), except for packages intended for socially important goods, including baby food and dairy products." [3]

In 2018, Remondis Ltd. was announced to be in charge of creating the scheme in collaboration with the Belarusian government. [4] An investor was sought out fro April to July 2019, in accordance with Resolution No. 239, with a draft strategy expected by the end of the year. [5] In January 2020, the Council of Ministers passed Resolution No.7, which would ban certain types of single-use polymer plastic, such as single-use tableware, in favor of developing eco-friendly packaging. The decree also included the stipulation of a return scheme. [6] The scheme is expected to be implemented in 2022; it was initially expected to commence in 2021.


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Last Updated on 30 July 2021.

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