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Name of Program N/A (No formal CDL is put into place, but instead there is a hybrid between an official contracted program and a public co-op EPR program)
Date Implemented

2001 (Iqaluit Return Program)

2010 (Arctic Co-Ops Program)

Containers Covered

Glass (Iqaluit Return Program)

Aluminum, Glass (Arctic Co-Ops Program) [1]

Beverages Covered

 Liquor and beer (Iqaluit Return Program)

Amount of Deposit

Iqaluit Return Program [2]:

Bottles: 0.29 CAD ; 0.25 returned at depot

Cans: 0.14 CAD; 0.10 returned at depot

Arctic Co-Ops Program:[3]

N/A; funded through 0.10 fee on disposable plastic bags



In 2007, the Nunavut Department of Environment ran three pilot test programs to determine the feasibility of a territory-wide container deposit scheme; these ended in 2010, with the Department deeming that such a program would be too expensive to expand and maintain because of transportation and infrastructure costs. [4] Despite this, the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission continues to charge a deposit fee for all liquor and beer containers. Consumers can redeem them at the Southeast Nunavut Company Ltd. in the capital Iqaluit, which is the only contracted recycling depot in the entire Territory. [5] No data is available on the value of deposits collected, or the return rate. [6]

Arctic Co-Operatives

Arctic Co-Operatives is a service federation owned and operated by a collective of 31 co-ops within Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Shortly after the end of the Nunavut trial schemes, Arctic Co-Op stores began to allow people to return their aluminum cans at any of their collective stores. Although there is no formal deposit amount, for each full sealift shipping container that each community fills, a community non-profit group receives $1,500 CAD (at roughly 40,000 cans per container, this is about $0.04 per container). [7] Currently 24 of the 25 Nunavut communities participate in the program, excluding Clyde River.


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