Bottle Bill Resource Guide

Name of Program
The Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste
Date Implemented Enacted 2014, Implemented 2016
Containers Covered

Containers of the following materials between 0.1L and 3L:

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal
Beverages Covered
  • Beer and beer cocktails [1]
  • Cider and perry
  • Fruit wine and fruit-wine-based drinks
  • Soft drinks
  • Water
  • Kvass
  • Juices and nectar
Excluded Beverages
  • Milk
  • Wine and spirits
  • Fruit wine and fruit-wine based drinks in glass containers
Fees and Taxes

Producer fees (2020) [2]:

  • PET: €0.027
  • Aluminum: €0.009
  • Steel: €0.029
  • Glass: €0.029
Refundable Deposit

€0.10 (USD$0.11)

Unclaimed deposits

Užstato sistemos administratorius (USAD)

Handling Fees

Manual collection or RVM without compaction [3]:

  • PET: € 0.0159
  • Metal: € 0.0138
  • Glass: € 0.0199

RVM with compaction:

  • PET: € 0.0193
  • Metal: € 0.0144
  • Glass: € 0.0328
Redemption System

Return-to-Retail: Containers can be returned for a refund of the deposit in all shops with an area of >300m(>60m2 in rural areas)

Program Success

2019 Redemption Rate [4]:

Total Return Rate: 92 %

PET: 92 %

Metal: 93 %

One-way Glass: 85 % 

2017 Redemption Rate:

Total Return Rate: 91.9%

Metal: 93%

PET: 92%

Glass: 83%



Lithuania implemented a container deposit scheme in February 2016, with Užstato Sistemos Administratorius (USAD) administering the scheme. USAD is a non-profit organizations comprised of three beverage industry stakeholders: the Lithuanian Association of Breweries, the Association of Lithuanian Trade Enterprises, and Lithuanian Natural Mineral Water Manufacturers’ Association. [5]

Consumers may return eligible containers through either reverse vending machines (RVMs) or through manual collection points. Manual collection points include nearly all stores which sold beverage containers, as part of the program's "return-to-retail" model. All stores were also provided with RVM points.  As of November 2018, USAD reported they operated roughly 1,000 RVM points and over 1,700 manual collection points. [6] Most containers are reportedly collected at RVM points.

Lithuania's deposit scheme is widely lauded by its public and others. A consumer survey in 2018 reported that 97% of consumers were satisfied with the  functioning of the deposit system, and believed the deposit system was necessary. In the same year, they already reached their targeted goals for 2025. [7] This contrasts with the collection rate of plastic waste in 2015, prior to the system's implementation, which was only 55%.


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Last Updated on 9 March 2021.

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