Bottle Bill Resource Guide

Law Summary Certain Energy and Waste Management Acts,
Date Implemented January 1, 2024
Containers Covered

Glass, metal, and plastic beverage products between 0.1 - 3L

Beverages Covered

All beverages excluding milk and milk-based beverage products

Beverages Not Covered

Milk and milk-based beverage products

Amount of Deposit

HUF 50

Fees and Taxes
  • RVM handling fee:  HUF 7.5 + VAT
  • Manual handling fee: HUF 5 + VAT [1]
Recovery System Return to retail (manual and RVMs)
Unredeemed Deposits TBD
Program Success




Prior to the implementation of Hungary's new deposit return scheme, Hungary only had a deposit on refillable containers. Hungary initiated its own DRS to comply with the European Union's Directive on Single-Use Plastics by 2030 with the 2012 Act on Waste. The law passed to authorize the DRS plan in 2021 and Hungary created their DRS in 2022. [2] The program is administered by the Ministry of Energy and regulated through governmental decree issued in 141 of the Magyar Közlöny 2023. [3]

The mandatory return system puts a deposit of 50 HUF per container for all glass, metal, and plastic beverage containers, excluding milk and milk-based beverage products. [1]

Grocery stores larger than 400 square meters (approximately 4,300 square feet) are required to redeem beverage containers. Large stores are required to have at least one reverse vending machine (RVM). Deposits may be returned to consumers through a voucher to be redeemed in stores or exchanged for cash, given to charity, or electronically transferred to a bank account. Products that do not have a mandatory deposit may also voluntarily opt into the system.

Through this redemption system, Hungary hopes to curb landfill disposal, illegal waste disposal, and reduce environmental burdens by achieving a redemption rate of 90% for plastic bottles. [4]


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Last Updated on January 4, 2024.

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