Bottle Bill Resource Guide


Law Summary The RETURNABLE CONTAINERS ACT levies a 10–20¢ refundable deposit on most beverage containers sold in the country
Date Implemented June 1, 1986
Containers Covered Sealed metal, glass, and plastic containers up to 1 gallon
Beverages Covered

Soft drinks, carbonated and mineral water, beer, and malt beverages

Amount of Deposit

Glass containers: 20¢
Other containers: 10¢

Fees and Taxes Distributors pay a handling fee of 20% of the redemption value to dealers or redemption centers
Program Success

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No one in Barbados is permitted to sell a packaged beverage without permission from the Minister for the Environment. However, distributors and dealers can be exempted from the act if they have their own system for recycling containers.

Distributors are required to dispose of unusable containers in accordance with the
Health Services (Collection and Disposal of Refuse) Regulations, 1975.