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New Hampshire

2014 New Hampshire Container Deposit Bill

Bill Number and Name HB 1287
Primary Sponsor Rep. Weed, Rep. Phillips
Beverages Covered Beer, ale, malt, wine, wine coolers, all non-alcoholic drinks except unflavored rice milk, unflavored soy milk, milk, and dairy derived products
Containers Covered Not specified (therefore, all containers containing covered beverages)
Handling Fees 3.5¢, 3¢ for commingling
Other Fees / Taxes None
Reclamation System Return to dealer or redemption center
Unredeemed Deposits Property of the state


Deposits are initiated by manufacturers or distributors of beverage containers. They pass the 5¢-per-container deposit on to retailers, who pass it on to consumers.

Distributors are responsible for picking up empty containers from dealers or redemption centers and paying those parties directly. In addition to the refund value, they must also pay a 3.5¢ per container handling fee. Under a commingling agreement, dealers or redemption centers may commingle containers of "like product group, material, and size." Under a commingling agreement, the handling fee per container is 3¢.

"Like products" as defined by the bill, are categories of beverage: beer/malt beverages, soda, noncarbonated water, and all other beverages.

Commingling agreements may only be made if at least 50% of the containers of like product group, material or size are covered by the agreement.

Under this bill, deposit initiators (e.g. distributors) must keep any deposits received in a separate account and remit all unclaimed deposits to the department of revenue administration.


Introduced January 8, 2014, this bill was referred to Environment and Agriculture, where it was voted "Inexpedient to legislate" on February 12.

The 2009-2010 New Hampshire Campaign

New Hampshire introduced bottle bill legislation in 2009, which continues to be studied in 2010.

Bill Number and Name HB 675
Primary Sponsor Rep. Owen, Merr 4; Rep. Messier, Hills 17; Rep. Keans, Straf 1
Beverages Covered malt beverages, wine, wine coolers, all non alcoholic drinks in liquid form, except for unflavored rice milk, unflavored soy milk, milk, and dairy derived products.
Containers Covered All containers for accepted beverages
Handling Fees 3.5¢ or 3¢ for commingling, paid by distributor to redemption center
Other Fees / Taxes  
Reclamation System Return to dealer or redemption center
Unredeemed Deposits Returned monthly to the department of revenue administration


January 8, 2009: Introduced, referred to Environment and Agriculture

February 11, 2009: Committee hearing

February 26, 2009: Retained in committee for action in 2010

January 13, 2010: Referred to interim study


The 2008 New Hampshire Campaign

A little-publicized bottle bill was introduced in New Hampshire in 2008, but met a quick demise.

Bill Number and Name HB 1621
Primary Sponsor Rep. Hall, Hills 5; Rep. Estes, Graf 7
Containers Covered All single-use, sealed containers of glass, non-aluminum metal, or plastic, up to 2 liters
Beverages Covered Any ready-to-drink beverage
Handling Fees 2% of the refund value, paid by state to redemption center with unclaimed deposit funds
Reclamation System Return to redemption centers
Unredeemed Deposits Kept by state in beverage container litter reduction fund for litter reduction and recycling programs


January 2, 2008: Introduced in House and referred to Environment and Agriculture Committee

January 30, 2008: Committee reported bill inexpedient to legislate

February 6, 2008: Bill was formally voted inexpedient to legislate.


The 2003 New Hampshire Campaign

Bill #: HB 1396

Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. Derek Owen (D), Rep. Betsy Coes (D)

Introduction Date: 09/04/03

Summary of Activity:
3/11/04 House adopted ITL report, bill is dead.
2/17/04 H Maj Report ITL for Mar 11 (vote 12-0;CC) ITL is unfavorable.

Amount of deposit: 5 cents

Handling fee: 3 cents

Containers covered: metal, glass, plastic

Beverages Covered: all but dairy

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