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The University of Kentucky conducted a survey of households in 1998, showing overwhelming support for litter-reduction initiatives, including a state container deposit law. The majority of respondants believed litter was a problem in Kentucky and supported initiatives for litter education, curbside recycling, stricter littering penalties, a garbage disposal fee, fees on fast food containers, and a 5¢ beverage container deposit.

The survey questions and responses are shown below:

  • Please indicate if you strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree with the following: litter in Kentucky is a problem.

  • Please indicate if you strongly support, support, oppose, or strongly oppose the following:

    1. Programs in elementary schools that focus on reducing litter and encouraging recycling
    2. A law requiring consumers to pay a five cent deposit on beverage containers that would be redeemed when the consumer returns the container to a recycling center.
    3. Curbside recycling programs
    4. Stricter penalties for littering
    5. A ¼ cent fee on fast food cups and containers to go into a fund for county recycling and litter control program
    6. A 50 cent fee per ton of garbage disposed of at landfills to go into a fund for county recycling and litter control programs

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