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On March 23, 2018 the Indian state of Maharashtra issued a Notification [1] to place deposits on single-use PET plastic beverage bottles and milk pouches. [2] The Notification cites the increasing economic and ecological costs of non-biodegradeable plastic litter and waste as the impetus for the move.

The “Maharashtra Plastic and Thermocol Products (Manufacture, Usage, Sale, Transport, Handling and Storage) Notification, 2018,” requires beverage manufacturers to arrange for recycling of the redeemed containers. [3]

The Notification also orders a statewide ban on the manufacture, sale, and import of plastic bags; straws; thermocol [polystyrene] food packaging; plastic plates, cups, and cutlery; and many other single-use plastic items, as well as PET water bottles with a capacity of less than 0.2 liters. [4]

With a population of 116 million, [5] Maharashtra will become the largest state in the world with a beverage container deposit system.

Date Implemented Manufacturers began selling deposit-bearing PET bottles in July 2018. [6] A consultative process with the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, the Milk Producers and Processors’ Welfare Association, and other stakeholders has not yet been announced .[7] CRI will publish updates as available.
Containers Covered Milk pouches, and PET bottles of 200 ml and over.
Beverages Covered


Refundable Deposit 

50 paise (0.5 rupees) per milk pouch (= 7¢ US)
Rs 2 (2 rupees) per PET bottle of 200ml <= 1 liter (= 29¢ US)
Rs 1 (1 rupee) per PET bottle >= 1 liter (= 14¢ US).

Fees and Taxes 


Program Success

Statistics unavailable





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