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Name of Program
Maharashtra Plastic and Thermocol Products Notification 2018
Date Implemented Implemented in 2018, updated 6/14/2019. [1]
Containers Covered
  • Milk pouches
  • PET bottles 200 ml.
Refundable Deposit 
  • Milk pouches: 0.5 Rs
  • PET bottles between 200 mL and 1L: 2Rs
  • PET bottles 1L: 1 Rs
Fees and Taxes 


Program Success




On March 23, 2018, the Indian state of Maharashtra issued a Notification to place deposits on single-use PET plastic beverage bottles and milk pouches. [2] The Notification cites the increasing economic and ecological costs of non-biodegradable plastic litter and waste as the impetus for the move, being part of a larger initiative to ban single-use plastic products in the state. [3] Though the program was initially expected to start in July, it was delayed for at least a month before full implementation. [4]

Manufacturers began selling deposit-bearing PET bottles in July 2018. [5] However, buy-back plans for milk pouches have not yet been implemented, with dairy manufacturers and the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) having not yet reached an agreement.  Milk dairies across the state opposed the scheme due to difficulties in implementation; as of October 2019, the MPCB are still waiting on the government to confirm and approve the submitted plans. [6]


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