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Name  The Newfoundland and Labrador Used Beverage Container Recycling Program (colloquially known as Greenback Trash to Cash Program), under Part II: Beverage Container Control Program, Waste Management Regulations 2003.
Date Implemented Enacted 1996
Date Enacted Implemented 1997; updated 2003.
Containers Covered All beverage containers 5L and under 
Beverages Not Covered
  • Milk and milk alternatives
  • Infant formula
  • Meal replacement beverages
  • Concentrated beverages
  • Any beverage in a refillable container [1]
Amount of Deposit

Non-alcoholic beverages: 8¢ CAD / 5¢ CAD*

Alcoholic beverages (excluding wine and spirits): 8¢ CAD / 5¢ CAD*
Wine and spirits in plastic, glass, or tetra-pak containers: 20¢ CAD / 10¢ CAD*
Wine and spirits in all other containers: 8¢ CAD / 5¢ CAD*

*Consumers receive a partial refund of either 10¢ CAD or 5¢ CAD, depending on the type of beverage and container of each beverage. [2]

Reclamation System 55 main depots
Handling Fee 4.35¢ CAD [3]
Other Fees Part of the deposit (either 3¢  or 10¢, depending on the container) is retained by distributors in order to help pay for the program. [see "Amount of Deposits" for more details.]
Unredeemed Deposits Retained by government organization (Multi-Materials Stewardship Board) and used to offset costs. Surplus is placed in provincial trust fund. [4]
Program Success

2014-15 Return Rates [5]:

  • Aluminum Cans: 64%
  • Glass: 62.2%
  • PET: 65.4%
  • Other Plastic: 37.5%
  • Bi-Metal: 52.9%
  • Gable/ Tetra Pak: 44.7%

2016-2017 Return Rates [6]:

  • Total Return Rate: 61.6%
  • Aluminum Cans 64.7%
  • Glass 66.0%
  • PET 65.2%
  • Other Plastic 17.6%
  • Bimetal 52.9%
  • Gable/Tetra Pak 46.4%

2019-2020 Return Rates [7]:

  • Aluminum Cans: 70.8% 
  • Glass: 76.17%
  • PET: 71.0%
  • Other Materials: 40.5%
  • Total Return Rate:  68.3%



The beverage container deposit-refund program is regulated under the provisions of the Waste Management Regulations, made under the Environmental Protection Act. On January 15, 1997, the Multi-Materials Stewardship Board (MMSB) - a nine member board appointed by the Minister of the Department of Environment and Labour - launched the "Greenback Trash to Cash Program," as part of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Waste Management Regulations with the goal of diverting beverage containers from landfills for recycing. This is a province-wide deposit-return system for the recovery and recycling of all ready-to-serve beverage containers (excluding domestic beer, milk, infant formulas and containers larger than 5 litres).

Consumers pay a 20 cent deposit on alcoholic beverage containers (except for beer) and a 8 cent deposit on non-alcoholic beverage containers. Consumers receive a refund of 10 cents and 5 cents respectively on the return of the containers. As of January 2021, 55 "Green Depots" have been established throughout the province to collect the containers and issue refunds. Each depot is a privately run business which generates its revenues through beverage containers returned to the depot. In addition, some satellite units and sub-depots have been set up in remote areas to ensure people have access to recycling facilities.

Sometime before 2000, the MMSB contracted with NewBRI (Newfoundland Beverage Recovery Inc.) to run the day-to-day operations of the deposit-return system. [8] NewBRI is a board-run, non-profit organization consisting of representatives from the beverage industry. NewBRI is responsible for setting up the Green Depots, paying refunds and handling fees to depot operators, as well as overseeing the collecting, processing, and marketing of the materials. Unredeemed deposits and scrap values accrued through the program are used to maintain its operation. As of 2021, this partnership seems to be defunct, and the MMSB oversees the general administration of Green Depots.


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Last Updated on 08 January 2021.

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