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The Kansas 2011 Campaign

Bill Number and Name Senate Bill 200 
Primary Sponsor Natural Resources Committee
Beverages Covered liquors, malt beverages, mineral water, soft drinks, and juice. Excludes milk, infant formula, and "medical food"
Containers Covered metal, glass or plastic, up to one gallon. Excludes cartons, foil pouches, and boxes
Deposits 5¢ (may be increased to 10¢)
Handling Fees Variable, based on amount of unclaimed deposits
Reclamation System Return to retail or redemption center
Unredeemed Deposits Retained by department of health and environment in a "returnable container deposit fund"


Under this proposed system, distributors are not part of the deposit system; rather retailers initiate the deposit and hand over all funds to the department of health and environment, to be kept in the "returnable container deposit fund."

The 5¢ deposit shall remain in effect unless a 60% recycling rate has not been achieved by July 2013, in which case, the deposit will be increased to 10¢.

Retailers may refuse to accept returns if they sponsor a redemption center within 10 miles of their location. The process for establishing a redemption center is laid out. The bill specifies other rules regarding bulk redemptions, vending machines, allowable limits on daily redemptions, and penalties for violations.

Money in the returnable container deposit is set aside for deposit refunds and administrative costs. After these have been paid, the remaining funds at the end of the fiscal year are divided 50/50 between the state and the redemption centers. Each redemption center receives a payment relative to the percentage of containers redeemed that year, with a minimum payment of $25.


February 11, 2011: Introduced in Senate

February 14, 2011: Referred to Committee on Natural Resources

The 2007-2008 Kansas bill

Bill Number and Name SB 258 
Primary Sponsor Introduced by Committee on Natural Resources
Containers Covered Glass, metal, plastic, or combination containers, under 1 gallon
Beverages Covered Liquors, malt beverages, and carbonated soft drinks
Deposits 5¢ (to be raised to 10¢ in July 2009 if the redemption rate is under 60%)


The Kansas bottle bill would put a 5¢ deposit on beer, liquor, and soft drinks, to increase their recycling rates. Introduced in 2007, the bill was not scheduled for a hearing until 2008.


February 2, 2007: Introduced in Senate

February 5, 2008: Referred to Natural Resources

January 28, 2008: S Hearing set for February 1

May 29, 2008: Died in committee



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