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Bottle bills have historically enjoyed widespread public support on a statewide and national level. New bottle bills receive much public favor (see the table), and most respondents to statewide polls supported expansion of their existing deposit laws (see the graph).

PlaceYearHighlighted ResultsMore info.
Iowa 2017 88% of respondents say the bottle bill has been good for the state. Every demographic group identified favors keeping or expanding the law by strong majorities. Results
Michigan 2013 80.5% in favor of expanding bottle bill. Results
Indiana 2012 73% of respondents in favor of a bottle bill in Indiana.  
Massachusetts 2011 77% of respondents supported expanding existing legislation; 53% strongly supported expansion. Results
Vermont 2013 84% in support of existing legislation Results
Vermont 2010 86% in support of expanding legislation Results
Tennessee 2009 83.2% in favor of introducing a bottle bill.  
Tennessee 2008 36.8% of respondents supported a bottle bill in Tennessee; 44.4% strongly supported it. Responses to question 3 [PDF,253kb]
Nationwide 2007 Recycling coordinators cited a national bottle bill as a way to increase municipal recycling rates Report [PDF,2.22Mb]
New York 2004 84% of voters supported the bottle bill  
Massachusetts 2003 84% of respondents supported expansion  
Iowa 1998 Respondents strongly supported the bottle bill  
Kentucky 1998 Indicated overwhelming support for litter-reduction initiatives, including a state container deposit law Results
Oregon 1995 73% of state residents supported expansion of their deposit law  
Vermont 1995 83% of state residents supported expansion of their deposit law  
Nationwide 1993 3 out of 4 Americans supported a national bottle bill Results
New York 1992 New York recyclers did not support a repeal of the deposit law Results
Nationwide 1989 The majority of Americans, in both deposit and nondeposit states, supported a national deposit law Results

Graph showing support for bottle bills in individual states


1. Maine: Northeast Research of Orono, 1989

2. Oregon: Industry funded poll, 1995

3. Iowa: University of Northern Iowa, June 1998

4. Vermont: Poll at Town Meeting (IBWA newsletter), 1995

5. Mass: Center for Policy Alternatives, 2003 Policy Summary, Environment/Bottle Bill (as cited by Massachusetts Sierra Club, "Ten Reasons to Support The Bottle Bill Update")

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