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Law Summary

Ordinance On Beverage Containers (814.621)

Date Implemented

Passed 1/5/2000; implemented 1/1/2001

Containers Covered

Refillables, and one-way containers that are recycled at levels below 75% by weight.

Deposit Amount No less than CHF 0.30 for refillable containers and non-refillable PVC [1]
Beverages Covered


  • All beverages


  • One-way soft drinks
  • Beer
  • Mineral water
Fees and Taxes 

Glass bottles: [2]


Fee (CHF = Swiss Franc)

< 0,09 Liter


0.09 – 0.33 Liter

CHF 0.02

0.34 – 0.60 Liter

CHF 0.04

> 0.60 Liter

CHF 0.06

Program Success

Recycling rates, 2017*: [3]

Glass: 94% 

PET: 83% 

Aluminum: 92% 

*Note: because these recycling rates are all above 75%, the deposit requirement is not in effect.


The July 5, 2000 “Ordinance On Beverage Containers” (814.621) repeals the August 22, 1990 ordinance of the same name. It regulates the supply and take-back of beverage containers in Switzerland, and finances glass bottle recycling. It places a mandatory deposit on refillable containers and non-refillable PVC plastic containers, and requires take-back and recycling of one-way and refillable beverage containers by dealers, manufacturers, and importers at their own expense. It requires that a deposit be imposed on non-refillable glass, PET, and aluminum beverage containers if their recycling rates fall below 75% by weight. [4] 

According to the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, The IGORA-Genossenschaft aluminum recycling cooperative levies a prepaid disposal fee on aluminum beverage cans and uses the fees to finance recycling activities. [5] 


[1] Ordinance On Beverage Containers” (814.621). July 5, 2000.

[2] Personal communication from Philipp, Vetroswiss:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. December 4, 2018

[3] Verwertung von Getränkeverpackungen 2017 (Recycling of Beverage Containers 2017)

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