Bottle Bill Resource Guide

Container deposit laws, often known as bottle bills, require a small, refundable deposit on beverage containers. The deposit is paid when the container is purchased, and refunded when the container is returned for recycling.  Bottle bills have proven to be highly effective in reducing litter and waste and promoting recycling, and enjoy strong public support.  Anyone can advocate for a bottle bill, whether you are a legislator, policymaker, professional environmentalist, student, grassroots activist, or simply a concerned citizen.

It takes a lot of time and dedication to get a bottle bill passed, but the results are well worth it.  To make the process easier, we have designed this toolkit to guide you in your campaign.

Major steps:

  1. Get the Facts: Because an informed activist is a successful activist
  2. Build Support: Because more voices make a bigger noise
  3. Know the Opposition: Because bottle bill opponents are formidable ones

Resource Materials:

The Bottle Bill Toolkit includes many reports, news articles and editorials as well as sample flyers, press releases, letters to the editor. These resources are conveniently collected for easy reference in the "Resource Materials" section.

Go ahead!  Use your Resources!

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View the PowerPoint presentation instead. Container Deposit Legislation: Past, Present, Future provides a quick look at the most important facts about bottle bills. This presentation is also a great tool for activists needing to present information in support of a bottle bill.