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Belgium has a voluntary deposit-refill system and a mandatory tax on beverage containers that are not refilled.

Law Summary THE ECOTAXES ACT OF 1993 would put a tax on non-deposit, non-refillable beverage containers.
Date Implemented Scheduled for January 1, 1993, but delayed indefinitely
Containers Covered All containers not meeting the following requirements:
§ the container must be reusable at least 7 times
§ the container must actually be refilled
§ the container must carry a deposit
§ the container must show an indication of refillability and the amount of the deposit
Beverages Covered

Beer, soft drinks and soda water

Amount of Deposit

U.S. $0.12 < 50 cl. (voluntary)
U.S. $0.24 > 50 cl. (voluntary / mandatory for exemption)

Fees and Taxes U.S. $0.52 per liter unless the container complies with the conditions listed in Provisions of the Law
Program Success

Refillables comprise the following percent of market share:

Beer 93%
Soft Drinks 40%
Soda Water 40%
Trippage rates (averages):
Alcohol (glass) 6.0 trips per year for 7 year
Soft Drinks (glass) 4.5 trips per year for 7 years



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