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The 2011 Florida Campaign

A study of potential deposit legislation for Florida was reported to have been approved, but CRI never received any more information on the matter.

According to Plastics Recycling Update:

Legislative leaders in Florida have given preliminary approval to study legislation that would attach a deposit on bottles and other beverage containers with the goal of cutting down on litter and bolstering recycling, according to The Palm Beach Post. The paper quotes a Republican legislator from a coastal region who expressed support of a bottle bill for the Sunshine State. Additionally, it cites a University of Florida study that suggests that 30 million beverage containers are trashed in state landfills, as well as a poll that shows that 60 percent of state residents support a bottle bill.

In September, the Florida Senate issued an interim report on the merits and drawbacks of deposit systems, and detailed alternative programs used in Florida and other states.

The report did not recommend in favor of or against a refund system for Florida, concluding instead that the state needs to "balance the needs of businesses within what the communities’
budgets can accommodate. Improving recycling rates involves many variables, and oftentimes, one size does not
fit all."


The 2009 Florida Campaign

The Florida Beverage Container Deposit Act was introduced on January 19, 2009, establishing a 20 or 30 cent deposit on almost all beverages sold in the state. The bill died in committee on May 2.

Bill Number and Name HB 435, Florida Beverage Container Deposit Act.
Bill text (found at
Primary Sponsor Kevin J.G. Rader
Containers Covered any sealed, individual container made of glass, aluminum, steel, bimetal, or plastic, in sizes of at least 6 fluid ounces but no more than 1 88 gallon or 3.8 liters
Beverages Covered All ready-to-drink beverages, excluding milk
Deposits 6-25oz: 20¢
25oz-1gal: 30¢
Handling Fees 20% of deposit, paid by distributor to redemption center or dealer
Other Fees / Taxes None
Reclamation System Return to dealer or redemption center
Unredeemed Deposits Retained by distributor



Jan 19, 2009: HB 435 Filed

Feb 6, 2009: Referred to Agriculture & Natural Resources Policy Committee

Mar 3, 2009: First Reading

May 2, 2009: Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration, died in committee


Kevin J.G. Rader, primary sponsor of HB 435


Early bottle bill campaigns in Florida

In a September 2009 article entitled, "Recycling Effort to Get More Attention," The Ledger in Lakeland reported, "There was a heavy push for [a deposit] law in the late 1960s and early 1970s in Tallahassee, but corporate lobbyists persuaded legislators it was impractical."

We have no further record of this effort.

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