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Name  Beverage Container Recovery Law
Purpose To provide an economic incentive for consumers to return used beverage containers and encourage conservation of materials and energy through recycling and reuse
Enacted Legislative override of governor's veto, 6/4/81
Date Implemented 1/1/1983
Regulations Massachusetts General Laws, Part I, Title XV, Chapter 94, Sections 321-327
Beverages Covered Beer, malt, carbonated soft drinks, & mineral water
Containers Covered Any sealable bottle, can, jar, or carton of glass, metal, plastic, or combo. Excludes biodegradables.
Amount of Deposit
Reclamation System Retail stores and redemption centers
Handling Fee Redemption Centers - 3.25¢[b]; retailers - 2.25¢
Unredeemed Deposits 100% goes to the Commonweath's General Fund
Return Rate

Overall Rate (Fiscal Year):

2021: 50%
2020: 43% (redemption rate reflects the impact of reduced in-person redemption during the Covid pandemic) 
2019: 50%
2018: 52%
2017: 57%
2016: 56%
2015: 59%
2014: 66%
2013: 66%
2012: 66%
2011: 68%
2010: 71%
2009: 70%
2008: 66%
2007: 66%[1]


Wholesalers must file monthly reports with the Department of Revenue regarding deposit & refund.

In 1982, a repeal of Massachusett's deposit law was struck down with a 60% to 40% vote. 


[a] Source: Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection E-mail Communication with Sean Sylver 3/15/17.

[b] Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection


Last Updated on May 17 2022.

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