Bottle Bill Resource Guide

Name of Program
Deposit Refund System
Date Implemented 1985, current version implemented in 2003 ACT ON THE PROMOTION OF SAVING AND RECYCLING OF RESOURCES
Containers Covered Refillable glass bottles
Beverages Covered

Soju, Beer, soft drink and etc.
Based on “ENFORCEMENT DECREE OF THE ACT ON THE PROMOTION OF SAVING AND RECYCLING OF RESOURCES” Article17 (Containers Subject to Imposition of Deposit for Empty Containers)
1 1. Liquor falling under each of the following items:
(a - Fermented liquor under subparagraph 2 of Article 4 of the Liquor Tax Act;
(b - Distilled liquor under subparagraph 3 of Article 4 of the Liquor Tax Act;
2. 2. Soft drinks.

Deposit and Handling Fees

Fees and Taxes 

Government regulates only Deposits & Handling fees

Unclaimed Deposits

The producers are paid on unredeemed deposit KOVRA(Korea Vessel Recirculation Association), and it uses that financial resource for specified business in accordance with applicable laws.

1. Public relations for the improvement of the rate of recovery of empty bottles;
2. Installation of and assistance for empty bottle-keeping and collecting stations;
3. Research and development of measures for the efficient recovery and recycling of empty bottles;
4. In cases where the amount of refunded deposit for empty bottles exceeds the amount of deposit for empty bottles received in the previous year, the compensation therefor; and
5. Other activities for preservation of the environment.

Program Success  On average, about 5.5 billion bottles are sold annually. More than 95% of them are recovered and more than 85% will be reused.







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