Bottle Bill Resource Guide

Name of Program Packaging Law, Deposit System Operation Regulations [1]
Date Implemented February 2022 (passed 2019)
Containers Covered

Containers of the following materials between 100mL and 3L:

  • Plastic (mainly PET)
  • Glass
  • Metal, (aluminum/tinplate)
Beverages Covered
  • Water
  • Mineral water
  • Lemonade
  • Energy drinks
  • Tea
  • Juices and nectars
  • Beer
  • Wine coolers and mixed drinks with less than 6% alcohol content.
Beverages Not Covered
  • Any beverage in a Tetra Pak container
  • Wine
  • Hard liquor
  • Dairy and dairy alternatives
Amount of Deposit

€ 0.10



In 2004, Latvia introduced a voluntary deposit system for refillable/reusable products, particularly glass containers. [2] In response to the 2019 European Union’s Single-Use Plastics Directive, the Latvian Parliament, Saeima, passed an amendment to the Packaging Law to create a deposit-return system for disposable beverage containers, on October 24, 2019. [3] They ordered the government to conduct research into widening the products available for deposit in December of the same year.

The specific structure and regulations for Latvia's new deposit system were approved on August 11, 2020. Containers have a special barcode that will be read to be authenticated and accepted. Consumers may return containers through manual store returns, specified return center locations, and reverse vending machines (RVMs).

Latvia's deposit scheme launched in February 2022. [4] Old containers manufactured before the implementation of the program can be sold alongside deposit containers until August 2022.


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Last Updated on January 3, 2024.