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Law Summary Law for a recycling system (Deposit system)
Date Implemented 7th. June 1989 (law 52/1989)
Containers Covered All non-refillable containers made of aluminum, steel, plastic or glass
Beverages Covered

All ready-to-drink beverages; wine and liquor; excludes dairy and juice extract

Deposit and Handling Fees/ Additional Fees

Metal, plastic, glass: 16 ISK (€0.11, USD$0.12)

Unredeemed Deposits

Used to finance the system

Program Success

2018 Redemption Rates: 

Aluminum: 85%

PET plastic: 83%

Glass: 80%


Success rate (2014):

Overall return rate: 90%

Can: 90%

PET: 87%

Glass: 83%



Endurvinnslan hf. (Recycling Ltd) was founded in 1989 by law nr. 52/1989 and is operated according to regulation nr. 368/2000. Endurvinnslan is the only company in Iceland that pays deposit for bottles and cans.

Iceland was the first country in the world to set up a deposit system on a national scale for a wide range of containers. Endurvinnslan has 60 return facilities all over Iceland where people can get their deposit paid back. In Endurvinnslan's return facilities in Knarravogur, Dalvegur, Hraumbæ, Reykjanes and Akureyri it is not necessary to sort or count bottles and cans as long as they are intact. In the other return facilities throughout the country, a person will have to sort and count bottles and cans to receive the deposit.


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