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The effects of deposit systems on litter reduction are well documented through pre and post bottle bill surveys. The percent of litter reduction in states where studies were conducted, fall within a range that varies by only 14 percentage points. When outliers were removed, beverage container litter reductions have consistently been between 70 and 84%, and total litter has been reduced between 34 and 47%.

StateBeverage Container Litter ReductionTotal Litter Reduction
Hawaii 38–53 [14] n.a.
Iowa 76%[11] 39% [12]
Maine 69–77%[7] 34–64% [8]
Michigan 84%[9] 41%[10]
Massachusetts n.a. 30–35%[13]
New York 70–80%[1] 30%[2]
Oregon 83%[3] 47%[4]
Vermont 76%[5] 35%[6]



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