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In 2018, the Government of Tasmania commissioned a model framework study for a container deposit scheme, outlining the foundations for such a scheme to take place and the effects it would have on beverage container litter. [1] In June 2019, the government announced they will be implementing a container deposit scheme, "as part of its commitment to protect Tasmania’s unique natural environment, provide opportunities to community groups and local businesses, and to help maintain the Tasmanian brand." [2] As of 4 February, 2021, the chosen scheme operation is a "split responsibility model", where a designated Scheme Coordinator oversees finances and administration while a separate Network Operators administers the return points for containers. [3]

Legislation is expected to be discussed and drafted in 2021, then rolled out in "late 2022." 

The government will also seek out opinions from stakeholders and the public regarding the scheme's implentation in the first half of 2021. [4]



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Last updated on 12 February 2020.

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