Bottle Bill Resource Guide


Name of Program
Plastic Bottle Refund Deposit Scheme
Date Implemented Expected Implementation in January 2021
Containers Covered

 Containers made of either PET or HDPE Plastic

Fees and Taxes


Refundable Deposit

 $1 JMD (proposed change to $3 JMD)

Unclaimed deposits

Funded to the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) to improve Jamaica's waste management infrastructure

Handling Fees


Redemption System

 Managed by Recycling Partners Jamaica Limited.

Program Success




The  Jamaica Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation announced the creation of the Plastic Bottle Refund Deposit Scheme in February 2019, implemented by the public and private partnership Recycling Partners of Jamaica Limited. The scheme will be led by the private sector. The scheme is "intended to reduce littering and encourage recycling." funds will be used to establish collection points, purchase trucks to increase collection capacity, and fund an expanded education campaign. There are currently 360 schools used as depots and about 120 independent depots, which the minister hopes will be increased to about 350 by January.

The entire scheme will be implemented and managed by the private sector, with the proposed $1 per bottle cess and the $1 per bottle deposit being self-imposed.  There is no confirmation on if consumers will be able to redeem deposits in credit or in cash. The scheme will be supported by a national public education and awareness programme.

Although initially planned to be implemented in late 2019, the scheme was delayed to January 2021. Further updates are forthcoming, as of January 2020.

News and Announcements

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