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Name of Program Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy, As Part of The Single Use Plastics Directive (2021)
Date Implemented TBD (Planned for Q3 of 2022)
Containers Covered

Plastic Bottles (≤ 3L)

Aluminum cans

Amount of Deposit




Ireland's Waste Plan for A Circular Economy is a planned commitment and implementation of a deposit return scheme, as part of a greater directive to reduce plastics use. The Plan is to be delivered in four steps:

1. Public consultation on design options (Q3 2020)

2. Public consultation on preferred model and draft regulations (Q1 2021)

3. Commencement of underpinning legislation (Q3 2021)

4. Introduction of scheme (Q3 2022).[1]

The Public Consultation on Design Options began on 2 October 2020, ending on 12 November 2020. Both stakeholders and the general public were welcome to make their suggestions on how the scheme should operate The current study before this consultation proposes a deposit fee of €0.20, and the consultation would determine if this amount would be appropriate. Other questions included whether the government should operate a decentralized or hybrid DRS and what role should waste collectors play in the DRS. [2]


[1] A Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy: Ireland’s National Waste Policy 2020-2025. The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment,  4 September 2020.

[2] Deposit Return Scheme Consultation Document on Potential Models for Ireland. The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment,  2 October 2020.

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