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The 2015 Indiana Recycling Bill

Bill Number and Name Senate Bill 142
Primary Sponsor Senator Lonnie Randolph


S 01/06/2015 First Reading: Referred to Commerce & Technology
S 01/06/2015 Authored by Senator Randolph

Beverages Covered

Beer, carbonated soft drinks, water (sparkling, still and flavored), wine coolers, and tea.

Deposits and Fees

Deposit: $0.10 refundable deposit on each container.

Unredeemed deposit: 25% of excess deposits are to be used to compensate retailers for taking returns, 2% of excess deposits are to be used to cover administrative costs of the state, and the remainder of excess deposits will provide revenue to the recycling promotion and assistance fund – fund to be administered by treasurer of the state

Redemption System

Return to retail - retailers must make cash refunds to consumers

    • Retailer is not required to accept returnable containers for a refund that exceeds $25 on any given day
    • Distributors required to make cash refunds to retailers

Allows manufacturers or distributors to be the originator of the deposit.

    • The originator of deposits is required to file a deposit report with the state and pay any excess deposits the originator collects

Redemption centers are allowed, but are not a substitute for the return-to-retail system.

The department of state revenue is the administrator of the beverage container deposit program


Imposes a penalty for a general violation of the law of at least $100 but not more than $1,000 plus costs and attorney's fees associated with a civil action filed to collect the penalty.

  • A person who returns or attempts to return nonreturnable containers commits either:
  • a Class C infraction if it involves at least 25 but not more than 100 nonreturnable containers; OR
  • a Class C misdemeanor if it involves more than 100 nonreturnable containers or is a second or subsequent violation; AND
  • Violator must also pay the amount of loss caused to the retailer by the violation

Retailers must post a sign regarding penalties

    Updated May 14, 2015


    The 2011 Indiana Campaign

    Indiana takes a new approach in this bill that adds a deposit to plastic bottles alone, but does not limit the contents to beverages.
    Bill Number and Name House Bill 1505
    Sponsors Terry Goodin
    Contents Covered Beverages, dietary supplements, food
    Containers Covered All plastic bottles used for the covered contents


    Under this bill, retailers are responsible for charging a deposit on and issuing a refund for any plastic container manufactured to hold beverages, dietary supplements, and food. The retailers are also responsible for recycling these containers.

    The bill establishes The returnable plastic bottle redemption fund, which is the source of funds required to cover administrative costs and reimbursements to retailers. Money is appropriated to the fund from the state general fund.


    January 20, 2011: Introduced and referred to Committee on Environmental Affairs

    The 2009 Indiana Campaign

    Indiana's introduced bottle legislation would put a 10¢ deposit on beverage containers beginning in 2010.
    Bill Number and Name HB 1570
    Primary Sponsor Rep. Vern Tincher, D-Terre Haute
    Beverages Covered Sodas, waters, beer and malt, mixed wine & spirits, and tea
    Containers Covered Sealed containers of metal, glass, plastic, or a combination, up to 1 gallon
    Deposits 10¢
    Handling Fees A portion of unredeemed deposits are returned to retailers.
    Other Fees / Taxes None
    Reclamation System Return to retail or redemption center
    Unredeemed Deposits Returned to the state, to fund the program. 25% of these funds go back to retailers, 2% reserved for administrative costs. The remainder is transferred to Indiana heritage trust fund.



    Under this bill, retailers must accept returns, even if a redemption center also exists nearby.


    January 16, 2009: Introduced and referred to Committee on Environmental Affairs

    February 25, 2009: Died in committee without a hearing



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