Bottle Bill Resource Guide


Law Summary STATUTORY ORDER ON PACKAGING FOR BEER AND SOFT DRINKS # 124, amended by STATUTORY ORDER #540 requires all domestic beer and soft drink to be sold in refillable bottles. Mandatory deposit/return system for imported containers made of glass and plastic. Mandatory return on certain beverages made of glass, metal and plastic defined by the Statutory Order.
Date Implemented (#124) 2002; amended (#540) in 2007, and in 2019
Containers Covered Plastic (Predominantly PET), metal, glass
Beverages Covered

Beer, soft drinks, energy drinks, mineral water, iced tea, ready-to-drink beverages, alcoholic mixers, juice, and syrup

Amount of Deposit

Metal, glass, plastic < 1l: 1 DKK (€0.13, USD$0.15)

Plastic 0.5l: 1.5 DKK (€0.2, USD$0.23)

Metal, glass, plastic ≥ 1l: 3 DKK (€0.4, USD$0.46)

Handling Fees

RVM accepted containers with compaction: 

  • Metal: 0.009 DKK (€0.0012, USD$0.0013) 
  • Plastic <1L: 0.013 DKK (€0.0017, USD$0.0019) 
  • Plastic > 1L: 0.018 DKK (€0.0024, USD$0.0027) 
  • Glass: 0.063 DKK (€0.0084, USD$0.0094)

The handling fee is a compensation fee paid by Dansk Retursystem to retailers.

Program Success

Success rate (2018):

Overall return rate: 89%
Cans: 88%
Plastic bottles: 93%
Glass bottles: 88%

Trippage rate: 32 trips (average for all containers) 

More Details

The fee structure that covers Dansk Retursystem's handling of packaging is paid by producers and importer per packaging. The calculation is done by Dansk Retursystem once a year and is approved by the Danish EPA. There is a free choice of packaging and less circular packaging is covered by an extra fee. This fee has been lowered by 20% on average in the last two years[2].


1. "Statutory Order on Deposits on and the Collection etc. of Packaging for Certain Beverages". Government of Denmark, June 2017. Translated by GlobalDenmark Translations.