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Law Summary 2003 Verpakkingsverordening Productschap Dranken ("Packaging Management Decree") 
Date Implemented Enacted in 2004, implemented in 2005
Containers & Beverages Covered

Plastic containers ≥ 0.8 L [1]:

  • Water
  • Soft drinks

All Plastic containers <1L will be eligible starting from 1 July 2021. [2]

Metal cans will be eligible starting from 31 December 2022. [3]

Refundable Deposit 

PET plastic bottles: €0.25 (US $0.28)

Refillable glass beer bottles: €0.10 (US $0.11)

Handling Fees

VBR: 0.06250€ ($0.071) per bottle

Unclaimed Deposits

Retained by producer/importer

Program Success

Return Rates: [4]

One-way & refillable PET plastic: estimated as 95%. The deposit organization (Retourverpakking) does not have access to sales data.

Refillable glass: unknown. 


The deposit system in the Netherlands is voluntary; producers and importers are not required to register bottles in the deposit system. Some retailers have elected to establish their own deposit system; Aldi partially refunds deposits, and Lidi does not reimburse deposits. [5]

The system uses return-to-retail. About 11% of redemption is manual, and 89% uses automated systems (reverse vending machines/RVMs). [6]

According to the Netherlands Return Packaging Foundation (Stichting Retourverpakkingen NL), only one company was using refillable PET bottles as of late 2018. [7]

One-way glass is recycled at drop-off sites; the recycling rate is estimated at 88%. Steel cans are removed from municipal solid waste prior to incineration.

The Netherlands Ministry of Environment announced that the deposit scheme would be expanded on small PET bottles (less than 1 liter) by July 2021 and aluminum cans by December 2022. The deposit will be €0.15 with a collection target goal of 90%. [8]


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Last Updated on 5 February 2020.

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